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Inspiring hope across South Sudan through communication for peace in diversity.

AMMALNA seeks to promote a culture of peace and reconciliation in communities by supporting inclusive dialogue, drama, street theater, outreach activities, radio, art, music, culture and capacity-building.

AMMALNA is dedicated to building communities of peace using gender and rights-based approaches.


Inspiring hope for our shared future through communication for peace and development in South Sudan. Celebrating the strength in our diversity (an equitable, gender-sensitive and ethnically-rich society).


AMMALNA strives to enhance inter-ethnic dialogue toward reconciliation, unity and understanding by providing an inclusive platform for South Sudanese to respectfully share their positive voices.


AMMALNA’s staff members are guided by communication values of respect, fairness, equality, truth, justice, freedom, honesty, courage, courtesy, integrity, knowledge and dependability.

  • To inspire youth to dream;
  • To improve inter-ethnic dialogue toward reconciliation;
  • To provide positive energy and reflection for the youngest generations of SouthSudanese;
  • To build capacities of community leaders, youth groups and radio stations;
  • To provide an inclusive platform to share and exchange experiences;
  • To give grassroots initiatives a voice.